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Electrical and Control Systems Engineering Services at Telstar

Telstar’s electrical and control systems engineering teams design and incorporate systems that are streamlined, automated, and fully programmable, to meet the specific and evolving needs of industrial and manufacturing operations.

Electrical and control systems engineering services at Telstar include, but are not limited to:

• Designing systems to provide feedback and motor control
• Human-machine interface (HMI) design
• Instrumentation and programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
• Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
• Transmission and distribution
• Power generation
• Power system design
• Power electronics

The Telstar Team

Our electrical and control systems services are performed by licensed California professional engineers who specialize in all aspects of instrumentation, SCADA, radio telemetry systems, power distribution, electrical control systems, gas detection, alarm, and data gathering/information management.
Telstar’s highly trained team of in-house professionals collaborate to bring successful solutions to a wide range of industries. Our clients range from oil and gas providers to food production, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and more, who rely upon electrical and control systems for their day-to-day function. These services achieve integration across multiple parts of a plant or facility, enabling more cost-efficient, productive and profitable operation through automation that ensures minimal downtime.

Telstar’s team of technicians, engineers and designers support this by:

  • Creating custom semi-automated assembly line tooling
  • Using motor VFD applications, industrial PLCs and vision systems
  • Designing and incorporating HMIs
  • Installing sensor technologies like thermocouples, encoders/resolvers, pressure transducers, etc. throughout a facility
  • Uniting motors and robotics
  • Designing power systems and creating point-to-point wiring
  • Creating SCADA and radio telemetry systems
  • Designing and manufacturing the instrumentation required for diverse systems to communicate with each other, report back data, and measure with accuracy and precision
  • Automating an entire plant’s function with minimal downtime or interruption

Electrical and control systems design solutions at Telstar are implemented with one goal in mind: to create smarter and more secure power distribution networks, better and more accurate analyses, and more precise scientific measurements, resulting in improved end products and services for our customers.

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